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Science Fiction


Sinners in the Hands
of an Angry God

The QuaranTeens


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Speculative Fiction

From the American Midwest to the Middle East, to London, and even to the Alpha Concordance — a section of the galaxy at the edge of man's celestial peripheral vision — eight explorers of differing genders, cultures, and religions seek to uncover the mysteries of the universe. What is the true nature of the soul? What is the long-lost secret of the origin of mankind? Does God exist? And if so, where is he now? Is there life in the cosmos? How does one even define life? Is a man without a soul alive? Is an android that walks and talks like a man? Can a sentient artificial intelligence computer be alive? And what defines humanity? Does man's inhumanity toward his fellow man stem from evil, madness, or something more?

With the long-term survival of humanity at stake, the intrepid explorers find themselves transported across the universe to somewhere they are not supposed to be, having learned reality is not what it seems and the laws of physics were never really laws at all, merely suggestions.

Will their disparate differences — in gender, cultures, philosophies, and religious beliefs — aid these explorers in piecing together the mysteries or pull them further from the truth? Or are they, along with their developing interpersonal relationships, merely a commentary on the human condition?

A novella in three acts, blending philosophy, religion, and quantum mechanics.



Justin Tyme


When the government pulls the plug on Dr. Daniel Spencer's Top Secret time travel project his brilliant young protégé, physicist Justin Tyme, impetuously sends himself into the timestream to prove Project Chronos' viability, undeterred by the fact they haven't yet figured out how to return a chrononaut safely. Fearing the brash scientist might inadvertently change the past, the Defense Department sends agent Elizabeth Madison to join Justin Tyme as his time-traveling companion. She's perfect for the job: she speaks 15 languages and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.Elizabeth is proficient in judo, karate, jujitsu, aikido, kendo, tae kwon do, and wushu, the shaolin form of Chinese kung fu. Now Elizabeth must keep Justin Tyme out of trouble and prevent him from altering history even if that means terminating him.

JUSTIN TYME: Impulsive, brilliant, protégé, physicist. He's the brains.

ELIZABETH MADISON: Martial arts fighter, polyglot, government agent. She's the brawn.

Together they'll make history…
while hopefully not changing it.


The Adventures of Mackenzie Mortimer



The QuaranTeens

The QuaranTeens

2025 – A new coronavirus, COVID-25, spreads across the globe killing hundreds of thousands before disappearing. They thought the worst was over… until four years later, when the more virulent COVID-29 strikes, wiping out 80% of the world’s population. The government rapidly constructs an underground complex – the bunker – to safeguard 50 specially selected infants and young children to be mankind’s last hope. When the bunker’s last adult dies 12 years later, the quarantined teenagers must form their own society within the bunker or venture out into the post-plague world.







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