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Age of Magic: Alterverse

Book 8 in the Halos & Horns saga

Book 1 in the Age of Magic story arc

"In a world without hope,
in a land of darkness and despair,
where chaos has replaced order,
one boy leads a ragtag band of rebels against omnipotent forces."

The forces of Chaos have defeated those of Order and recreated reality. The result is a dystopian multiverse ruled by the Dark Gods and policed by vampires who serve as their high priests. Into this Alterverse comes a heavensent African, gender-switching, interdimensional traveler who now finds himself permanently stuck in female form and tasked with the unenviable job of restoring reality. He/She must locate 17-year-old Alaric, son of the imprisoned witch Samantha Twitch and the banished demon Lucifer, and help him form a rebellion. But in this altered reality familiar faces are not who they may seem and some who had died now still live. Pandora and Cody's teenaged children Quinn and Ursula join Alaric's nascent resistance alongside the demon Asmodeus, Grand Duke of Hell Eligos, Nitrate (an emotive from the Dreamscape), Kita the kitsune, and a Kunoichi (Japanese female assassin) against overwhelming odds, as they seek not merely to change the world but the entire multiverse, and overthrow the gods themselves.


Age of Magic: Warriors & Wizards

Book 9 in the Halos & Horns saga

Book 2 in the Age of Magic story arc

"In The Age of Magic, Anything is Possible."

Taking place 15 years after the conclusion of the Halos & Horns story arc, The Age of Magic marks Lucifer's return to the series but much of the story follows the next generation: the children of Samantha (witch) and Lucifer (demon) Cypher; Pandora (vampire) and Cody (werewolf) Fenris; and Kita (kitsune) and Reggie (mortal) Forster. Alaric Cypher spends his summer before starting college in Japan with the family of the kitsune Kita, where he finds love and danger. Lucifer travels back to the ancient land of Thenesia to aid the barbarian King Caliban and the wizard Balthazar in their fight against the Dark Gods. Bartholomew follows twins Quinn and Ursula Fenris through a dimensional portal to the Otherworld, where the Morrigan is preparing for final battle with Hecate, the goddess of all witches. A traitor is discovered at Nosferatu, Inc., and Asabi returns to Siofra after Alterverse... but in a dramatically different form.


Age of Magic: Return of the Djinn

Book 10 in the Halos & Horns saga

Book 3 in the Age of Magic story arc

"In The Age of Magic, Anything is Possible."

What would the Age of Magic be without the Arabian Nights? Aladdin and his magic lamp; Ali Baba and the 40 thieves; genies and djinns and ifrits, oh my! Flying carpets, desert palm trees, and harems filled with voluptuous women. That Moorish architecture, and oh the clothes: turbans, fezzes, and curled pointy shoes. Belly dancers, and the Dance of the Seven Veils. The bazaar and the café. The magical city of Baghdad, with its spires, keyhole arches, and minarets glittering more brightly than the Emerald City of Oz.

And then there's vampire Sharon Mordecai, a prominent character in every Halos & Horns novel since the first book but noticeably absent in the previous installment, the ninth book in the series. Where was Sharon? All we were told was that she was on a case with her spectral private investigator partner Kara Islington. Readers got a clue at the very end of the previous book when Ursula Fenris, teenage daughter of Sharon's BFF Pandora, was polishing an oil lamp she had been given by the mysterious proprietor of an even more mysterious curio shop. Kara's ghostly form wafted from the lamp's spout with the dire message that she and Sharon had been captured by a djinn. But how on Earth did they end up in such a predicament?


Age of Magic: Return of the Djinn

"In The Age of Magic, Anything is Possible."

All three novels in The Age of Magic story arc — Alterverse; Warriors & Wizards; and Nosferatu, Inc. — collected in one huge omnibus edition. A perfect companion to the Halos & Horns Omnibus, this volume is 7x10 like its predecessors and features brand new cover artwork and an interview with the author.





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