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Novels--> Paved With Good Intentions
And A Child Shall Lead Them
To Hell In A Handbasket
The Witches' Cauldron
Little Girl Lost
Collections--> Flash Fiction
Encounters With Dracula
The Trial of Santa Claus & Other Stories
Two Tales from the Dreamscape
Short Stories---> Future Memories of the Butterfly Lady
The Encounter
The Trial of Santa Claus
The Lobster Thriller
The Leprechaun
Voyage of the Damned
Heart of Stone
The Vampire on Elm Street
The Man Who Refused to Die
The Twin Within
The Future Ain't What It Used to Be
The Abuser
Incident In A Small Town
A Ghost Story
Red Meat
The Human Condition
Bovine Love
Lastima por el Lobo
Lair of the Dragon
Dreams of an Everyday Housewife
Obama Nation
Love at the Bank
The Blood Rose
The Night I Met God, or an Angel, or a Time Traveler at Lindy's
Lost Memories